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What Are the Most Common Unhappy Triad Symptoms?

November 5, 2018

An unhappy triad is, well, not such a happy condition! It got its name because it involves an acute injury to the three ligaments supporting the knee—the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), the medial meniscus and the medial collateral ligament (MCL). Sometimes also called a blown knee, the unhappy triad is... Read More

Can You Do Cardio with a Torn Meniscus?

October 22, 2018

The knee is not only the largest joint in the body—it also plays a crucial role in all kinds of movement. The knee’s three bones include the thighbone, the kneecap and the shin, while the knee stability is ensured by ligaments and disc-shaped cartilage that resists friction, called menisci. When... Read More

Benefits of Exercising Outdoors in Colder Weather

October 8, 2018

When you think of winter, what activities come to mind? For many, sipping hot cocoa, relaxing by the fireplace or reading in a comfortable recliner might be the top picks. Any thoughts of venturing into the outdoors vanish with the leaves as temperatures drop in the fall. But did you... Read More

Finding the Right Brampton Physiotherapist for You

September 24, 2018

Are you looking for a Brampton physiotherapist? You may have a sports injury, or maybe you are struggling with pain after a car accident. Whatever the reason, you have decided to see a Brampton physiotherapist, but you don’t know who would be the best professional to visit. To help you... Read More